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Paddyism #29

It is nearing the time when we all must escape these bloody work details and head for the pub.

Paddyism #7

A proud tradition nearly as old as America herself: Gathering ‘round for Paddy’s Irish Whiskey.

Paddyism #15

Cheers! We all wish you were here for a laugh and a round or two. Or three…

Paddyism #5

Paddy’s is light, balanced and pure, not much like yourself, but here’s to you! And good whiskey.

Paddyism #1

Legendary, natural, timeless and true. Thinking of you. And whiskey. Mostly whiskey, actually.

Paddyism #28

There are only so many hours in a day. Ambition is admirable, but now is the time for a whiskey.

Paddyism #38

If you were here (my dear) and not there (unfair) this next round would be on me, and thus free.

Paddyism #27

There are times for quiet reflecting, solitude and existential pondering. This is not one of those.

Paddyism #46

Hundreds of stories in every bottle - some of them true.

Paddyism #8

Gather ‘round, friends! Time for a wee dram of smooth Irish bliss. Perhaps a pretzel, too.

Paddyism #37

I spread good whiskey (and good cheer) wide, far and near, for 50 years! What have you done?

Paddyism #35

Beautiful examples of Irish culture are boundless. I am particularly fond of the whiskey, myself.

Paddyism #22

Quick-witted, irreverent and 100% Irish since 1779. Why stop now? Join us for a nip, won’t you?

Paddyism #49

To revelry and good company!

Paddyism #21

Paddy’s spent years waiting in the wood for this moment. We’ll wait a few minutes for you…

Paddyism #32

Don’t tell me your favorite show is on. I know you don’t have a date. Paddy wouldn’t be late!

Paddyism #11

Distinctively rich and golden but relaxed, mellow and approachable, this whiskey was always meant to be shared.

Paddyism #26

Set aside your devices, and join your buddies at the pub for genuine Irish whiskey and revelry!

Paddyism #12

They say a neglected shot evaporates before you know it, like the Angel’s Share. Don’t let it.

Paddyism #16

A glass of good Irish whiskey sort of sells itself, wouldn’t you agree? I think I’ll have another.

Paddyism #18

Let’s have a toast, shall we? Oh, wait. Your absence has become apparent. Please correct this.

Paddyism #13

If you’d matured for years in an oaken cask, I bet you wouldn’t look this good.

Paddyism #9

Just hanging at the pub here, pouring Paddy’s shots for invisible pals. Where the devil are you?

Paddyism #50

A single Paddy’s is a lonely Paddy’s. Buy a shot for a friend as well.

Paddyism #4

It’s Tuesday. Break convention. Gather ‘round for a wee dram, and laugh at your friends.

Paddyism #6

Smooth, mellow, golden and distinctive, like the perfect sunset, or Thor’s hair. Cheers!

Paddyism #51

A smooth whiskey is never a hard sell.

Paddyism #44

Pull up a chair. We’re going to be here awhile.

Paddyism #25

Smooth, I am, with a hint of sweetness, packed with good humor and revelry. Gather ‘round!

Paddyism #24

Hello? Are you there, buddy? Please consider joining us for some general banter and good times!

Paddyism #17

Neat, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer, gather ‘round for a nip of the good stuff!

Paddyism #42

When the Paddy’s comes out, so do the friends.

Paddyism #40

Get yourself to the bar without using a car. We’ll imbibe Paddy’s spirits, inherit its merits, and have a wee talk. It’s not far.

Paddyism #34

Did you forget what day it is? We’re in walking distance from your place. #Paddyhour is upon us.

Paddyism #20

The spirit of Paddy is the spirit of wisdom, maturity and good humor. Aye, and good whiskey.

Paddyism #36

Few things beat the pairing of fond reunions with dear friends and world-class Irish whiskey.

Paddyism #10

We’re drinking smooth Irish whiskey with friends. Your presence is requested enthusiastically.

Paddyism #2

The ambassadors of good times are requesting your presence! Also, we have whiskey.

Paddyism #3

Life’s too short to miss out on a lovely toast with your pals! Or without them.

Paddyism #52

To shenanigans!

Paddyism #30

It appears that once again I’ve won the race to the pub. I will attempt to save you some whiskey.

Paddyism #43

Everyone’s a friend when the Paddy’s pours.

Paddyism #23

This party is just getting its legs. Paddy’s helps. Will you make it? It’d be a lot cooler if you did.

Paddyism #33

Here we are, all your friends, gathered ‘round this table, makin’ bets on your whereabouts. Join us!

Paddyism #48

Gather ‘Round for the first call.

Paddyism #31

It’s the best time of the week. The time when we meet up at the tavern for laughs and a wee dram.

Paddyism #39

I say there, sir, is that a bottle of Paddy’s in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Paddyism #19

He’s a barrel o’ laughs, that Paddy. His spirit lives on. Squint and you might catch him winking.

Paddyism #45

You don’t have to be Irish, but it doesn’t hurt.

Paddyism #14

Paddy’s lingers pleasantly, well after it’s gone, much like the man himself.

Paddyism #47

Your happiness deserves more than an hour.