So then, are you 21 or older?



Nice try, wee bairn.

Come on in when you're old enough.

Paddyism #17

Neat, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer, serve as you like for Paddying, you'll enjoy even more!

Paddyism #40

Let's imbibe some whiskey, inherit its merits, and have a laugh.

Paddyism #46

Your happiness deserves more than an hour.

Paddyism #5

Paddy’s is light, balanced and pure, not much like yourself, but here’s to you!

Paddyism #52

An award-winning whiskey doesn't taste any better because it has a medal. But thankfully, we couldn't taste any better as it is.

Paddyism #4

Gather 'round for a wee dram and some Paddying with friends.

Paddyism #37

I spread good whiskey and good cheer, far and near, for 50 years! Not bad for a life's work.

Paddyism #38

If you were here (my dear) and not there (unfair) this next round would be on me, and thus free.

Paddyism #33

Here we are, all your friends, gathered ‘round this table, placing wagers on your whereabouts.

Paddyism #12

They say a neglected shot evaporates before you know it, like the Angel’s Share. Don’t let it.

Paddyism #16

Getting someone to try their first sip of Paddy's may take persuasion. Their second sip, far easier.

Paddyism #18

Let’s have a toast, shall we? Oh, wait. Your absence has become apparent. Please correct this.

Paddyism #53

Best friends deserve an award. So give them one with an award-winning whiskey.

Paddyism #24

Please consider joining us for some general banter and good times!

Paddyism #25

Smooth, with a hint of sweetness, packed with good humor. Such a role model is this whiskey.

Paddyism #28

There are only so many hours in a day. Ambition is admirable, but now is the time for a whiskey.

Paddyism #35

Beautiful examples of Irish culture are boundless. I am particularly fond of the whiskey, myself.

Paddyism #26

Set aside your devices, and join your buddies at the pub for genuine Irish whiskey and revelry!

Paddyism #2

The ambassadors of good times are requesting your presence! Also, we have whiskey.

Paddyism #13

If you’d matured for years in an oaken cask, would you look so enticing?

Paddyism #21

Paddy’s spent years waiting in the wood for this moment. We’ll wait a few minutes for you…

Paddyism #42

We're all friends when the Paddy's pours.

Paddyism #45

Hundreds of stories in every bottle - some of them true.

Paddyism #7

Here's to the whiskey nearly as old as America herself.

Paddyism #43

The pub's chairs get softer and softer as the night goes on.

Paddyism #3

Life’s too short to miss out on a lovely toast with your pals!

Paddyism #30

It appears that once again I’ve won the race to the pub. I will attempt to save you some whiskey.

Paddyism #50

A smooth whiskey is never a hard sell.

Paddyism #55

It's nice to have awards that sit on the shelf, It's better to have an award-winning whiskey that sits in your glass.

Paddyism #48

To revelry and good company!

Paddyisim #54

Raise a glass of award-winning whiskey, to award-winning times with friends.

Paddyism #14

Paddy’s lingers pleasantly, well after it’s gone, much like the man himself.

Paddyism #15

Cheers! Wish you were here for a laugh or two and a round or three…

Paddyism #10

We're Paddying. Your presence is requested enthusiastically.

Paddyism #49

A single Paddy’s is a lonely Paddy’s. Buy a shot for a friend as well.