Paddy’s Irish Whiskey

Thrice distilled in County Cork, just as it’s always been. There’s a reason Paddy’s Whiskey has been making friends for nearly a quarter millennium.

NOSE:A complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla.

TASTE:Light and crisp with a distinctly light, nutty, malty and charred wood character.

FINISH:A gently fading sweetness with, mellow maltiness and mild woody notes.

AWARDS:Best Blended Irish Whiskey, 2020 International Spirit Competition; Gold Medal, 2020 International Whisky Competition; various others we’re proud of, but will refrain from going on and on about.


Whether owing to the water, soil, generations of whiskeymaking, or blessings of a higher power, Cork whiskey has always stood above. Paddy’s uniquely blends three classic Irish approaches to distillation into a single, smooth libation. Sip slowly, and you can taste the gifts of each. The grain brings a light, floral sweetness. The malt adds a note of toasty biscuit. Whilst the pot-still brings the traditional Irish creaminess. Did you detect all three? Another sip may be in order.

Paddy’s Irish Whiskey

Light, well-balanced and pure

An approachable Irish whiskey comprised of a triple-distilled blend of grain, malt and pot-still, Paddy’s is mild and yet crisp, with a hint of honey. Paddy’s is the perfect session spirit for gathering ‘round for good times with friends. Triple-distilled from the finest barley and water from County Cork’s Irish countryside, Paddy’s matures for years in three types of oaken casks, acquiring its distinctively rich and golden color in dark, aromatic warehouses before being shipped directly from Ireland.

Available in 50ML, 375ML,750ML, 1L & 1.75L bottles

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Paddy’s Irish Whiskey traces its roots way back to 1779, but it started simple, and the recipe has remained consistent. As Paddy the man spread its popularity across Ireland, the whiskey also eventually made its way overseas. It won its first gold medals in Philadelphia (1876), the Paris World’s Fair (1878), and Sydney (1879) then most cherished of all, Cork (1883). By 1930, Paddy’s could be found in cosmopolitan cities like Milan, Shanghai and Bangkok, and over 80 nations worldwide. It continues to win accolades and inspire friendships to this day.

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